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ISBN 9780521113793

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This book presents the state of the art of search interface design, based on both academic research and deployment in commercial systems.

"This will be seen as a transformational book -- one that synthesized a new, coherent discipline of human information interaction out of literature and experience scattered across many fields." - Dr. Stuart Card

"[H]igh praise ... Apart from being a fascinating history of the development of search interfaces, the book also discusses research that points to new developments we can expect in search interfaces in the coming years ..." - Chris Sherman

"Hearst's brilliant organization, lucid writing, and admirably comprehensive review ... are gifts to scholars, implementers, and students who want to contribute to ... user interfaces for information search and retrieval." - Dr. Ben Shneiderman

Topics include:

  • How to Design Search User Interfaces
  • How to Evaluate Search User Interfaces
  • Models of the Information Seeking Process
  • Search Interfaces Fundamentals, including:
    • Query Specification
    • Presentation of Search Results
    • Query Reformulation
  • Advanced Topics, including:
    • Integrating Navigation with Search
    • Personalization in Search
    • Information Visualization and Search
    • Mobile Search
    • Social Search
    • Multimedia Search


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Marti Hearst is a Professor at University of California, Berkeley, and has done research on search user interfaces for 15 years.
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